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Bio Template for
Writer (Author)

Want an impressive bio that gets the results you want? Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.
Get a fill-in-the-blank bio template that is:

  • professionally written in the correct style and format
  • customized for your type of work
  • flexible enough to reflect your unique background
  • proven to work for websites, marketing, introductions and more
  • fast and easy to use (20 minutes start to finish)

Instant Access

Get your fill-in-the-blank bio template now!

The template includes sections for:

  • current employer or firm
  • expertise and experience
  • previous employers
  • education and training
  • awards and honors
  • community and professional service
  • teaching, writing and publishing
  • special projects and accomplishments
  • brief personal details (family and hobbies)

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